The third graders got their ink blots from the week previous and used them to create the ink monsters. We went over the steps that Bucher used to create his monsters:

  1. Rotate paper to visualize monster
  2. Draw an outline in pencil
  3. Go over outline with sharpie
  4. Fill in places with black sharpie or watercolor
  5. Give your ink monster a backstory

We brainstormed a variety of different features the kids would be able to draw on their monsters including eyes, teeth, wings, claws etc. Finally, we watched videos of the creation of Bucher’s monsters.

Then the students set to work breathing their monsters! They used water color to fill in sections with color. We also asked the students to write about their Monsters. They could write about the place their monster lived or what they might be doing at the time.

Over all, this was a very fun project that it seemed like all of the kids enjoyed! The images were very interesting and unique to each person.

PowerPoint: ink monsters

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