It came time that we wanted to explore another demention of art, literally. The students were taught about contemporary artists what produced 3D art. We discussed different design elements and other considerations that were important to remember while building these sculptures including material, location, function, size and the passage of time. Students discussed these factors while considering the artist’s work that was presented to them.

Then, the students were told to sketch out sculpture ideas. They needed to write out on their paper these factors of sculpture building they took into consideration before designing their peice. Then, after their idea was checked off by an adult, the students formed their sculptures using tin foil.

The next class period, students used clay to make their most sucessful tin foil sculpture. They learned techniques too form clay into they shapes they wished to make.

After the Thanksgiving Break when the peices were fired in a kiln, the students were able to paint their peices.

I loved doing this project with the kids because it was a three week process. It was an accurate representation of the art making process. Good art takes time and involves many steps to get it to the desired level of completion. After the three class periods of work, I am sure the kids were happy with their sculpture they worked so hard on.


PowerPoint: 3d art


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