This was one of the most fun classes I had with the kids. It was October and around Halloween time, so we wanted to make something relating to the season.

Stefan Bucher is an artist who has created monsters with India ink for years. He makes these animals by blowing the India ink with a blow can creating very interesting ink “blots” as he calls them. Then, from these blots he uses sharpies and colored pens and turns them into monsters. He posts documentation of the creation of his monsters in many seasons of YouTube videos.

Day 1: We spent half of the first day learning all about how Stefan Bucher creates these ink blots and then turns them into monsters. We were very thorough while explaining to the third graders how messy ink can be if they used the spray cans uncarefully. Then, they all got paper and were able to make multiple ink blots themselves. The adults in the class room went around to each kid and sprayed their ink while the student rotated their paper causing ink to move across the page.

A problem that occurred was that because there were so many kids, the three spray cans we had got very cold and did not spray as well for some of the later kids. To resolve this, we passed out straws and many of the kids blew on their ink instead. This worked almost as well, except the ink was splatted in more of a deliberate way instead of random like Bucher’s blots.

PowerPoint: Day 1

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