New Words: Mixed Media, and Large Looping Lines

In this lesson we used a combination of the matierials we had experimented with in the lessons previous. We began the class going over the PowerPoint of last week, and reviewed the different techniques of water color and how to get their effects. This took only about 5 minutes.

Then, I introduced the words “mixed media”. Last week’s class, I had mentioned “medium”, so I went over what that was again. Then, I asked the kids to raise their hands and give examples of some different mediums. They said things like paper, crayon, watercolor, pencils, etc. Then I instructed them, that mixed media is a combination of different mediums, and that is what they were going to do today!

I told the class to draw large looping lines across their entire paper. I gave examples of what not to draw, and then the correct way to draw them.  First, the kids used their pencils to draw them. Mrs. Harward and I walked around and checked the kids off if their lines were large enough and took up the entire paper. We asked them to draw the lines farther apart or erase some lines in places to make the spaces between the lines larger. Then, they went over these lines with construction paper crayons. They made their lines thick. Finally, the kids painted watercolor inside these lines using the deifferent techniques we talked about.

So fun!

Powerpoint: Watercolor

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