9/14 Elements Meet Water Soluable Pigments Pt. 1

After quickly reviewing the Elements of Art we discussed the week previous, we looked at a few works of art including pieces of JMW Turner, Thomas Moran Hayden, and Georgia O’Keefe. We discussed different elements and other attributes the students noticed. I then informed them that all the pieces we looked at were made with the same medium they would be using that day, watercolor.

We went over the materials and steps in using watercolor. This was their experiementation day. They could play with the medium to understand the relationship between pigment and water, brush and paper. We gave guidance on different experiments they could explore including wet on wet, executing a fade, layering colors, and creating texture.

Some notes I made about the activity was to explain the processes in a very elementary fashion, increasing the chance the students could be successful in their attempts. Most earnestly desired to perform the experiments correctly and when it was presented in a step by step way they could understand and execute.

PowerPoint: Watercolor

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